Laser Cutting

The Bystronic Byspeed 3015 4.4kW laser provides laser profiling up to a size of 3m x 1.5m in the following material thicknesses:
– 20mm in mild steel
– 12mm in stainless steel
– 10mm in aluminium.
Laser Cutting is now one of the most common profiling methods used by general engineering and fabrication companies.
You can provide us with CAD files or hand-drawn sketches if you require rapid cutting of one-off or prototype profiles.

We offer a laser cutting service to customers who need things doing quickly, economically and with a one-to-one service. We are also happy to look at small batch work, which other profiling companies may turn down.

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is used when the heat generated by Laser Cutting is a problem, or when a clean and accurate finish is required with minimum taper.

It can also be used on materials that cannot be laser cut – including rubber, ceramics, stone, and plastics.
We have offered water jet cutting service to our existing customers and it has been a success since inception.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting is used to cut materials up 40mm, but can also be used for up to 100mm thicknesses using submerged HD Plasma Cutting. Plasma cutting is used for general purpose cutting of pre-fabricated parts of plates, where tight tolerances are not required.

Flame Cutting

Flame Cutting is used for general cutting of materials up to 270mm thick prior to finish machining. It is an economical way of cutting materials that cannot be cut using our other methods.

Metal Forming

Metal forming deburs, polishes and smooths machined or cut components by vibrating the parts when submerged in a specific solution (usually specially treated water). Small to very large components can be finished using this method.

CNC Routing

We offer a full CNC routing service for wood, MDF and plastic materials.